A Safer Return to Campus

You might be wondering what you have to do before returning to campus this Fall. Here’s what you need to know:

Image of a female UCLA physician wearing a blue blouse

Health & Safety Precautions at UCLA

Our teams have put together a comprehensive plan with the goal of creating a safer and healthier environment. The measures that have been put in place will help reduce the spread of the virus and allow us to provide support should any incidents arise. Our campus plan includes the following:

  • Face Covering Requirement

    for everyone who visits any campus facility

  • Physical distancing requirements

    and reduced density of individuals in shared spaces

  • Enhanced Cleaning Services

    for all high touch areas and common spaces throughout campus

  • Daily Symptom Monitoring

    for everyone, including students, faculty and staff

  • Surveillance and Diagnostic Testing

    to help detect cases and provide the necessary medical attention to the campus community

  • Contact Tracing

    for those who come into close contact with an individual who tests positive for COVID-19

If you’re on campus, please pay attention to all COVID-19-related signage inside and outside of UCLA facilities so that you are aware of safety information and public health policies.

For details on all campus safety protocols and guidelines visit Bruins Safe Online.

New Flu Vaccination Requirement

To support the health and well-being of UC students, faculty and staff and our communities, the University of California has issued a new flu vaccination requirement. The plan has been designed to help protect the health of students and campus communities. Under this plan, all members of the UC community are required to receive an influenza immunization before November 1, 2020.

The goal of implementing this measure is to help avoid a surge in flu cases at health care facilities across the state during this unprecedented public health crisis.

Students should work with their healthcare providers to meet the flu vaccination requirement. All ACA-compliant health plans, including UC SHIP, cover flu vaccines as part of a preventative care package that includes no copay.

Read the full University of California Executive Order

Guidelines for Research

UCLA will begin a gradual increase in research activities as we head into Phase 2 of our ramp-up plan. For information, guidelines, and resources about how to resume research visit the UCLA Research Ramp Up page.

For specific questions related to graduate students read the graduate student research FAQ’s.

What to Expect if You Need to Visit Campus

If you need to come to campus for any reason, you will be required to take a symptom monitoring survey. Below are more details on what you can expect.

Symptom Monitoring Survey

Who Needs to Complete the Symptom Monitoring Survey?

Everyone who plans to visit campus for any purpose, including class, work, research, internships, or other activities, is required to complete a symptom monitoring survey. For students, the link to this survey should be in your email inbox. Update your contact information in MyUCLA if you did not receive an email with the daily symptom survey link. The survey should take no more than five minutes and can be completed on a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

    • If you are living on campus: Students living in on-campus housing will be required to complete the symptom monitoring survey every day. For more information about the daily protocol, visit the "Housing & Dining" section of this page.
    • If you are a UCLA Extension student: These procedures do not apply to students who are solely enrolled in UCLA Extension. Please visit the UCLA Extension COVID-19 page for updates and guidance for the year ahead.

    Take the Symptom Monitoring Survey

    What Happens After the Survey is Completed?

    The results of the survey will determine your access to UCLA’s shared spaces. Upon completion of the survey, the system will either generate a clearance certificate or direct students to call the Ashe Center COVID-19 Hotline at 310-206-6217 for instructions prior to entering UCLA shared spaces. Students are required to receive (and download) a clearance certificate from the survey before entering the UCLA campus grounds or any UCLA facilities.

    Read more about UCLA's Symptom Monitoring Protocol.