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Planning for the Year Ahead

A Guide for Graduate and Undergraduate Students


Guidebook Opening video with Vice Chancellor, Monroe Gorden

This fall marks a new journey for the Bruin community that comes with many new changes. This is your guide to those changes and a hub to help you find support. Here you’ll find information on health and safety, campus life, the nature of instruction, and more to help you envision and prepare for the year ahead. Bookmark it and check it regularly. If there is something you don’t find on this page, please reach out to us to submit suggestions through the link below.

And remember, no matter where you are in the world, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Go Bruins.

If you are an Extension student, please visit the UCLA Extension COVID-19 page for updates and guidance.

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Remote Learning

Photo of a JP Santos and Naomi Riley

Resources from USAC & GSA

We know that learning in a remote environment has been tough. In this video, GSA President JP Santos and USAC President Naomi Riley offer advice and break down graduate and undergraduate student-initiated resources that can help you thrive throughout winter quarter.

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Raise the Bar on Remote Learning

Online Tools and Plug-Ins to Maximize Remote Learning

What’s the best way to stay organized while learning online? Watch to find out which tools, plug-ins, and extensions every Bruin should have bookmarked to maximize their remote learning experience.

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Take the Bruin Pledge

We’re in this together. Take the Bruin Pledge and show the world that, as Bruins, we are committed to helping create a safer and healthier environment.

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Bruin Pledge
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Together We Are Bruin Strong

This school year will be like no other in history. COVID-19 has upended everything, requiring the entire campus community to sacrifice and adopt new ways of living and interacting. There are new rules, but there is also a new sense of community. That is what Bruin for Bruin is all about.

To promote safe behavior, and work toward the goal of getting the UCLA community back on campus, UCLA would like to highlight artistic expressions of what Bruin for Bruin means to you.

Building Community

We’re serious about building community here at UCLA so we’re here to remind you that you can still build community no matter where you are. Find your people. Find your purpose. And find how to stay connected throughout the year.

Staying Healthy

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Your Mental Wellness and Academic Success

Your mental health is a crucial part of your well-being here at UCLA. Find more information about how to boost your mental health when times get tough and where to locate campus resources.

Learn More About Student Resources for Mental Wellness

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Planning for Good Physical Health

Prioritizing health and fitness is just as important now as ever. Learn more about staying active and how to access physical health and fitness services available to you.

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