Enrollment Management

Youlonda Copeland-Morgan, Vice Provost

Youlonda Copeland-Morgan
Vice Provost
Enrollment Management

Welcome to the Division of Enrollment Management, which supports UCLA’s core mission of Education, Research, and Service. We are committed in supporting the University to meet its enrollment goals in a manner that is consistent with our institutional values and mission. 

We understand that, at its core, Enrollment Management is an institution-wide effort that involves managing and leveraging the University’s reputation and resources to achieve enrollment goals and other strategic objectives. In collaboration with the College of Letters and Science and the Schools, we seek to create an environment where students can be successful and thrive in their undergraduate experience and in their life-long academic pursuits. As such, we are dedicated to offering our constituents the highest level of quality and innovative enrollment services. 

Enrollment Management represents key areas of the campus that provide services and support for prospective and current students. The services offered by these units provide necessary outreach, recruitment, and financial aid—all which promote the academic success of UCLA Students and enhance the quality of campus life.