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Student Affairs is a network of more than 25 programs, services, and experiences that will connect with the life of every UCLA student during his or her collegiate career. In many cases, our connection begins as early as elementary and middle school .

The Registrar’s Office tracks courses and grades for 39,000-plus students from their first day on campus until they graduate. The Residential Life offers an enormous variety of academic support programs, cultural programs, and opportunities for personal development to over 12,000 Bruins each year.

Health and Wellness is one of our first priorities for students. We offer comprehensive medical care through our Ashe Student Health and Wellness Center , including access to one of the highest rated hospitals in the nation, located on the UCLA campus. Likewise, our Counseling and Psychological Services offer care options that range from wellness workshops to group therapy and long-term individual counseling. UCLA Recreation operates 14 different recreation venues with dozens of exercise and fitness programs, intramural athletics, and facilities for individual workouts.

We offer support for our diverse population of graduate students , transfer students , international students , LGBTQ students , student veterans , parenting students , and many more.

Our departments also facilitate student’s social involvement in campus life and the broader community. We advise dozens of sororities and fraternities , and thousands of student groups with special areas of interest that span the range from the arts, to science, to religion. And when students begin thinking about life after UCLA, the Career Center gives them access to potential employers through job fairs, interviews, internships, and more.

Student Affairs also works closely the division of Enrollment Management and its departments including the Undergraduate Admission Office and the Financial Aid and Scholarships.

Mission Statement


Student Affairs supports the academic success of all UCLA students, fosters their intellectual, personal, social and professional development in preparation for the entirety of their lives, and contributes to enhancing the quality of campus life, the educational environment, and our students' relationship with the broader UCLA family, including alumni.

Student Affairs Key Priorities:

I. Commitment to Academic Persistence and Excellence

Student Affairs engages the whole student in multiple dimensions of campus life at UCLA, harnessing the curiosity, intrigue and discovery that occurs within the many environments that promote teaching and learning.

  • We recognize the impact life events can have on the academic persistence of our students, and we help strengthen through skill building student resiliency and resolve.    
  • We forge the connections with our academic partners to promote and support the holistic development of our students as scholars.
  • We promote self and community advocacy that contributes to the academic excellence of all of our students.

II. Pursuit of life-long learning and innovation

Learning is a continuing process, and is embodied in all aspects of UCLA before, during and after class.  Student Affairs is a conduit and a platform for students to explore and transform their passions into life-long commitments to creative problem solving, entrepreneurialism, and service.

  • We connect students to learning opportunities that promote creativity and innovation and deepen their engagement with research, scholarship and service.
  • We facilitate opportunities for students to discover how their values, passions and talent can be used for problem-solving and community empowerment.
  • We promote the life-long pursuit of self-awareness and self-directed learning that strengthen a sense of student and community engagement.

III. Cultivate Inclusive Communities

Fostering a sense of belonging is critical for every Bruin.  Student Affairs aims to empower all Bruins to play their own important role in building this diverse and inclusive campus community where the richness of our diversity is honored and where each and every student can thrive at UCLA.

  • We foster opportunities for critical dialogue across difference in order to increase student perspective, understanding and awareness.
  • We affirm that students have diverse, complex and evolving needs.  We strive to be responsive and provide programming and resources to address these needs.
  • We support intentionally diverse communities that foster empathy and inclusivity.
  • We honor and learn from the experiences that our students bring to UCLA and we assist them in maximizing their potential to build pathways toward their futures.

IV. Champion Health and Well-Being

In order for Bruins to succeed in any of the other priorities, they first must secure a sense of well-being.  Caring for oneself and others transcends individual well-being to cultivate a culture of positive and meaningful purpose.  Therefore, we foster a robust, vibrant and healthy campus.

  • We cultivate a culture of resilience through robust health and wellbeing initiatives and education opportunities.
  • We foster a community of care for Bruins that focuses on meeting basic needs, campus support and opportunities to find purpose and meaning.
  • We provide robust health and mental health services that provide quality care to students.
  • We provide the environments and teach skills of individual self-care and group dynamics that promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

V. Leadership for transformative impact

While each generation of Bruins may differ, UCLA Student Affairs provides students the opportunities to lead, challenge the status quo and create transformative impact.

  • We prepare future global leaders by involving them in our current challenges, inviting students into roles alongside faculty, staff and campus leadership.
  • We cultivate the leadership qualities necessary to transform society and champion social justice.
  • We teach and model transformative impact through mentorship, advisement and internship opportunities.


UCLA's primary purpose as a public research university is the creation, dissemination, preservation, and application of knowledge for the betterment of our global society. To fulfill this mission, UCLA is committed to academic freedom in its fullest terms: we value open access to information, free and lively debate conducted with mutual respect for individuals, and freedom from intolerance. In all of our pursuits, we strive at once for excellence and diversity, recognizing that openness and inclusion produce true quality. These values underlie our three institutional responsibilities of Learning and teaching, Discovery, creativity and innovation, and Civic engagement .

UCLA endeavors to integrate education, research and service, so that each enriches and extends the others. This integration promotes academic excellence and nurtures
innovation and scholarly development.


" The distinctive mission of the University is to serve society as a center of higher learning, providing long-term societal benefits through transmitting advanced knowledge, discovering new knowledge, and functioning as an active working repository of organized knowledge. That obligation, more specifically, includes undergraduate education, graduate and professional education, research, and other kinds of public service, which are shaped and bounded by the central pervasive mission of discovering and advancing knowledge."

— from the University of California Academic Plan, 1974-1978

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