The Student Affairs Staff Development Program provides of a range of leadership, educational, and professional training opportunities. 

This program provides experiences for staff to be effective in their position, further develop and improve their skills as leaders, and pursue leadership programs to further their career path as well as develop the Student Affairs organization. 

Through these opportunities, staff will further develop the Student Affairs organizational values, which are also based on UCLA’s and UCOP’s staff competencies and meet criteria on our Performance Management Program (PMP). 

Leadership/Development Opportunities

Student Affairs staff are encouraged to take advantage of the various development and leadership opportunities offered through the university, professional associations, and external organizations. 

Professional Development Opportunities

Leadership Opportunities

Staff are also encouraged to discuss with their supervisors regarding leadership and development opportunities.


UCLA CHR Courses 

Courses topics examples include:

  • Career and Professional Development
  • Communication
  • Supervision, Management, and Leadership
  • Work Life and Wellness
  • Career Management
  • Professional Development
  • Supervisory Development
  • Management Development

Student Affairs Specialized Courses for staff aimed to further develop and improve the skills of our staff as leaders. There is a nomination process for staff to participate in these courses.

In 2014-2015, Student Affairs piloted 2 courses. 

The first course reviewed "Strategic Planning" for staff at non-director levels, who reviewed Student Affairs at the organizational level and tasked them to think of innovated projects that would launch Student Affairs to the next level. 

The second course reviewed "Organizational Readiness" with department directors to assess their unit's talent and formulate ways to further develop their staff to be at the forefront for organizational opportunities.